Connect Jobs is committed to providing innovation, outcomes and a multiple suite of recruitment services and pathways. Our key to success relies on our values and depth of understanding between client needs and business culture.

We attract quality candidates to build a talent pipeline allowing us to provide our clients with tailored recruitment solutions. Connect Jobs aims to be a bold leader within the industry, providing premium employment and educational pathways for all people that have the desire to be more than they are.

We focus our business on people that strive, are passionate, honest and have the attitude to succeed no matter the circumstances and in all endeavours. These attributes are the very foundations on which Connect Jobs was built, continues to thrive in and by that we attract the best and give to our partners the ultimate.

Connect Jobs offers:

  • Business visits to guarantee a comprehensive understanding of requirements and the opportunity to build a personal relationship.
  • Person and job specification to include all aspects of the role, environment, culture, and desired competencies.
  • Agreed time scales for feedback and job turnaround.

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